There’s a lot of “in between” during your 20s. You’re figuring out adulthood through changing friendships, new relationships, professional growth, and developing faith. On my own journey, I’ve found myself getting frustrated and discouraged when I’m not where I wanted to be yet. It’s so easy to get wrapped up on the destination that we forget to appreciate the time, the people, and the progress along the way. While in fact, the “in the meantime” moments are where life is most beautifully lived.

My name is Rebekah Gordon and I enjoy writing reflectively and communicating creatively, especially about the ways that our faith intersects with daily life. Coffee and craft beer fuel my mornings and evenings (usually respectively) while I go about my kayaking, reading, hiking, and Netflix binging. One day I will do some things; welcome to my thoughts and reflections in the meantime.