Who is God?

The Community Gathers

Prelude – How Great Thou Art (Instrumental)

Call to Worship (Adapted from Psalm 95)

Come let us sing to the Lord 
Let us make a joyful noise to the Rock of all 
Let us meet the Spirit with thanksgiving. 

For the Lord is a great King, 
A tall Mountain, 
Powerful Sea and plentiful Land, 
The Lord is all that is good. 

Let us worship our God, 
Our Creator and Shaper, 
For we are the people, 
Of an indescribable Name. 


Loving Lord, 
You are in our midst. You rejoice with us with gladness, dance to our songs of praise, and weep to our prayers of lament. You quiet us with your ever-present peace, nudging us into a more spiritual and whole existence. Help us to embrace your presence this day. Even as we walk through dark valleys, help us to live without fear, for you are with us, good God. You dwell within us, Immanuel. God be with us now and always. Amen.  

To Feel God

Song of Welcoming God’s Presence – God With Us (All Sons and Daughters)

Moment of Quiet Reflection

Reading of the Psalms – Psalm 86:5-13

To See God

Song of Praise – You Are My Vision (Rend Collective)

Children’s Message – Images of God  by Marie-Helene Delval 

Prayer Experience – Images of God

Display the artwork from the book, Images of God, or use your own art. Display pictures of God on the screen or around the room in your place of worship. With music playing, allow people to walk around and observe the art for a few moments. Have stations with pens and paper that say, "You Image of God." Prompt people to draw God at these stations and then hang their drawings alongside the original art. As various and diverse images of God fill the room, prompt people to reflect on the vastness, mysteriousness, and wholeness of this very good God that we know and love. 

To Hear God

Reading of the Old Testament

  • Exodus 3:7-8 (God as deliverer)
  • Exodus 13:21 (God as cloud and fire)
  • Isaiah 64:8 (God as father)
  • Isaiah 66:12-13 (God as mother)
  • 1 Kings 19:12 (God as a gentle whisper)

Reading of the New Testament

  • John 1:1-14

The Message

Song of Reflection – What a Beautiful Name (Hillsong)

To Be More Like God


Song of Praise: Doxology

Offertory Prayer

Charge – The the words of our mouth, the actions of body, and the feelings of our heart be sure to the God we know. God is vast, endless in form, and equally unique are God’s people. There is not only one way to be, but there is a God of love and harmony who can unite us.

Song of the Charge – May the Words (Ellie Holcomb)

Benediction – May the God of steadfastness and encouragement grant you to live in harmony with one another, in accordance with Christ Jesus, so that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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